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Meet The Trainer Who Created
Fortress Rock Fitness


Jesse Schroeder, personal trainer, owner and creator of Fortress Rock Fitness, LLC began his own style of personal training in 2008 that was anything but routine. Client's workouts involved exercises that were challenging, creative and never the same. Jesse always tracked his client's progress using paper and pencil. Mounds of loose paper records made determining client progress difficult; a sentiment universally shared by other trainers, and it definitely did not make it fun.

Schroeder also wanted to organize his extensive exercise database to tailor workouts according to an individual's level of fitness and training. These ideas for a better way to perform as a personal trainer and bring a better workout to his clients ignited Jesse's passion to design a software system that was easy and fun to use for trainers and for individuals alike.

After four years of computer software development, video and photography and fitness research, Fortress Rock Fitness Trainer was released.