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Tighten up, lose weight, safely develop strength, and gain that hardbody muscle you have always wanted.

Sign up as an Army of One, for an individual based web application with hundreds of video guided exercise sequences.

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Why Fortress Rock Fitness Works


Are you looking for an app that organizes and generates your workouts for you? Fortress Rock Fitness is your solution. Designed for individuals, the Fortress Rock Fitness Program provides the most influential exercise sequence videos, tips, and guidance to ultimately build a better body. This web based application helps anyone who would like to develop and evolve their own fitness plan, through a personal device used at home or at the gym.


A Program That Works For You

This program applies to all fitness levels while moving through specially designed training patterns, using thousands of progression based workout combinations, all video guided. Choose your fitness level and try an exercise sequence developed by a Fortress Rock Fitness licensed trainer.

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Reinvent Your Workouts, And Sculpt Your Body Today.


Individuals Become An Army Of One.

Your workouts will never be the same and neither will you. Created for an individual at any fitness level, either in the gym or at home, Army of One was created to assist in weight loss, increase your strength, enhance your balance and agility, and ultimately build muscle for a healthier lifestyle.

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